Purchase of real property

Dlaczego warto?

Searching for the real property of your dreams is a very demanding challenge – the amount of information on the Internet is overwhelming. We will assist you through all the happiness and the inconveniences of the process. We will analyse all offers available on the market that fulfil your criteria. We will also offer those that are not visible for all.

Scope of our services:

verification of the Client's requirements and expectations

detailed analysis of the market, taking into account the availability of real properties fulfilling the Client's requirements

arrangement of real property presentations and participation in them

verification of offers suggested to the Client

comparison of the price of the real property chosen by the Client with the transaction prices of offers of similar parameters already performed on the market

verification and analysis of the legal status of the selected real property

conduction of negotiations regarding the real property purchase price

taking part in notarial procedures leading to the purchase of the selected real property – analysis of the agreement and the documents necessary for real property purchase

taking part in the handover of real property to the Client

What are the profits?

you save your valuable time – you do not waste it on going through a plethora of offers on the Internet, some of which is frequently out-of-date

access to a lot of real property offers that cannot be accessed on the Internet and come from business relations developed by the Agent in the business

knowledge and support of an experienced Agent at every stage of transaction

partner protecting your interests during negotiations

faster course of real property purchase thanks to the Agent's knowledge of the formalities necessary for transaction completion and the like

certainty that the transaction will be performed in compliance with the applicable provisions of law

comfort and peace of mind throughout process of real property purchase

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